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DataObjective enables organizations make data-driven decisions which contribute to maximizing value and reducing costs.

Data Science as a service

Blockchain technologies.

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Enterprise-grade solutions.


Lifetime Customer Value

Do you know what value each of your customers bring? Increase revenue and reduce costs by basing your decisions on real-time user behavior, demographics and other factors.


Customer Retention

Early discovery of dissatisfied customers is crucial part of retention strategy. With DataObjective approach, you can quickly identify crucial behavioral patterns to prevent certain issues and reduce churn rate.


Customer Satisfaction

Dissatisfied customers lead to the loss of revenue. You need to analyze more than one communication channel to ensure their satisfaction. By using various detection and profiling tools we unify & analyze all channels simultaneously to ensure that no issue left unnoticed.

Jim James

Data Objective has developed a proprietary tool called Grace. Grace takes manual CRM data entry off sales team's shoulders. Grace integrates with sales reps’ email, calendar and sales tools and applies machine learning algorithms and custom triggers to keep CRM up-to-date for them. All while ensuring that the CRM is filled with the timely, complete and unbiased data for the management to use.

Vadim Ismakaev - CEO of Maven Software, LLC

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